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Fast Symptomatic Relief at Newman Chiropractic

At Newman ChiropracticDr. Meghan Curiale, Chiropractor Butler PA, is focused on aligning your body so that you can function at your highest potential. Your brain and body are connected by the spinal cord with your nervous system acting as the body’s central control system. Our approach focuses on your brain and body communication, allowing you to reach the greatest levels of health.

Let Your Body Do the Healing

True health is not simply the absence of pain and discomfort—it’s related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We seek to help you with each of these components while educating you on how you can assist in your healing. Dr. Curiale is well-versed in helping all ages with a variety of techniques that are suitable for everyone, from children to seniors.

We Detect the Underlying Cause of Your Health Problems

Rather than only addressing your symptoms, we go deeper with structural chiropractic care that helps you get to the cause of your problem. With the root of your challenge identified, we can work toward correction and maintaining your health in the long term.

We offer same-day appointments and are in network with insurance plans. Contact us or book your time online now!

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