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About Us

Dr. Meghan Curiale began practicing in 2014. She brings her expertise in natural healing to Newman Chiropractic, an in-network provider offering state-of-the-art chiropractic care since 1960. We offer hands-on chiropractic care that addresses the underlying cause of your health challenges to give you results.

Help for All Ages and Conditions

We have taken care of numerous people experiencing a variety of different conditions, seeing them get well from our health care. We hope that with the help of our knowledgeable and welcoming team, you can get better and maintain your health free from drugs and surgery.

Dr. Curiale will work to relieve your pain and help you stay well for a lifetime.

Structural-based Corrective Care

In Dr. Curiale’s caring hands, the structure of your body will be restored to its ideal position. Pain is often due to spinal segments in your neck, rib cage, lower back and pelvis that have lost their proper alignment. With precise chiropractic care, we seek to restore the balance to your body. Additionally, we check your progress at regular intervals to make sure we’re achieving the results you desire.

We’re in-network with insurance plans, and same-day appointments are available. Contact us today to get started on improving your health.

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