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Meet Dr. Meghan Curiale

Discovering the Chiropractic Solution

With a mom who was a nurse, Dr. Curiale was interested in the medical field from a young age. She started off studying biology and then decided to go to medical school. An internship with an orthopedic surgeon, however, changed her mind. ‘’I saw that children were having spinal fusion surgeries, and it broke my heart. I had to find out what other options were out there.” Dr. Curiale discovered chiropractic and fell in love immediately. ‘’I liked that people could heal naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery.”

Understanding How to Help Others

Dr. Curiale attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia to achieve her Doctor of Chiropractic. While there, she formed a philosophy circle with fellow students who had generations of chiropractors in their families. It strengthened her belief in the philosophy of chiropractic and all it can do for people. ‘’I love coming to work every day and seeing incredible things happen.”

Born and raised just north of Pittsburgh, Dr. Curiale spends her spare time with her family. They have dinner together every Sunday, and family is her highest priority.

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Butler Chiropractor Dr. Meghan Curiale


Butler Chiropractor Dr. Meghan Curiale
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