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New Patients

The Newman Chiropractic team is here to assist you in increasing your health by improving the structure and function of your body. We look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help you reach your health goals!

The First Visit

doctor-banner-2Before your appointment, we will send you an email with forms you can fill out before you arrive. Otherwise, you can come in early to complete this paperwork. Then, you will meet Dr. Curiale, who will take you back to an examination room. A consultation is then performed, during which we will discuss what has brought you in. Next, a physical examination is completed, which includes:

• Chiropractic tests
• Neurological testsoffice-location-banner-2
• Orthopedic tests

A total of 60 different tests are utilized to check your muscles, bones and nerves, enabling us to locate your problem and determine if chiropractic will help you. X-rays are taken when necessary.

Please plan on spending about 30-40 minutes with us. Bring your insurance card and photo identification. Regular clothes can be worn, as we will provide a gown for you to change into.

The Second Visit

At your second appointment, Dr. Curiale will take you back to the examination room and ask you to watch a short video about our office. Then, she will discuss all the findings from your examination and X-rays, if taken. We will detail our recommendations to help you achieve the greatest amount of health in the shortest time possible. You will also receive your first adjustment as well as discuss finances and scheduling on this visit.

Regular Visits

When you see us for subsequent visits, you will sign in and be taken to the adjusting table. Dr. Curiale will discuss how you have been feeling since your last appointment, and you will receive an adjustment. We will go through any exercises or stretches with you if necessary, and you will most likely visit the traction table, which stretches your back and feels great. These visits will take just 10-15 minutes.

We accept insurance and are an in-network provider. Book your time with our office today! Same-day appointments are available.


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